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What is Time Tracker?

eBillity’s Time Tracker is a web-based software application that allows users
to efficiently manage, track and bill for their time with:

Who Are My Target Customers?

Where Is My Customer Located?

What Are The Key Problems and Pain My Target Customer Looks to Solve?

What Other Solutions Have They Tried
(That Didn’t Work)?

They’ve tried MS Excel spreadsheets, but those got messy and complicated as business grew – not scalable for multiple users, customers, projects and bill rates.

They’ve even scrawled time entries on napkins and random pieces of paper, trying to remember to enter them later, or pass them off to an assistant who would. And too often they forget or lose the entries.

They’ve purchased time and billing software and installed it on their computers – but it didn’t come with customer support, might have crashed, wasn’t fully secure, or required servers and expensive in-house tech employees and infrastructure, and upgrades.

They’ve tried other cloud-based time and billing solutions, but couldn’t make entries from their mobile device or when they were offline. They also didn’t have a way of easily showing customers how the billing was calculated…or a way to let customers approve time and expense entries.

What Is Their Ideal Outcome?

The Time Tracker target customer dreams of only spending time on money-making, billable activities. They imagine not having to deal with accounting and time tracking. They wish client payments could “magically” end up in their bank account.

They dream of not worrying about cash flow in their business.

What is the next best option? They want to get payments on time, never lose billable minutes, and do as little accounting paperwork as possible.

At Which Point Are My Customers Most Likely to Buy?

Customers are most likely to buy near the end of the free one-month trial. Over 96% of Users – that convert from a free trial to a paid subscription – stay with Time Tracker for 12+ months. This gives you generous affiliate payouts.

What Are the Advantages of Time Tracker
Over the Competition?

What Is the Market Potential?

The market for a tool like Time Tracker is enormous!