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Connect Time Tracker to Xero Payroll (Australia)

For Australian customers, Time Tracker now integrates with Xero Payroll. Take advantage of this free add-on to sync timesheets and expedite your payroll process. Before you can connect Time Tracker to Xero Payroll: 1. Ensure you have Time Tracker + Billing. If you don’t have +Billing head over to your Subscription page and enable it. Read More

Connect Time Tracker to Xero

Time Tracker now integrates with Xero allowing you to sync time entries, expenses, invoices, payments and more. Before you can connect Time Tracker to Xero: 1. Ensure you have Time Tracker + Billing. If you don’t have +Billing head over to your Subscription page and enable it. 2. Enable the free Xero add-on enabled. This Read More

The Top 10 Contractor Management Software Tools

The days of paper and pen for contractor management are long gone. It is essential for today’s contractors to have good contractor management software tools in order to stay competitive. These are a few of the best contractor management tools available for businesses in all different industries. 1. Contract Logix – With one of the Read More

Keep Your Clients Happy with the Client Portal

Keep your clients happy with the client portal. Clients can use the Client Access Portal to view and pay their invoices, see their account details, and purchase pre-paid hours. They can see how hard you’re working for them.

A Guide to Time Tracker + Billing Reporting

Got a minute? I want to show you how you can easily visualize your business performance with Time Tracker reporting.

How to Set User-Based Access Rights

Did you know that you could control “who” sees “what” in Time Tracker?

Maybe you’ll let some people see bill rates and invoices. Maybe other Users will only be able to make time and expense entries, or access a single project. You can give access to certain features or pages based on a user’s role.

Time Tracker Tip: Reduce Billing Errors by Customising Your Rates

Time Tracker lets you customize default bill rates by client, project or user (even if you want to manually change the rate for a time or expense later). You’ll save a ton of time from having to remember and enter the bill rate for each time and expense entry. And you’ll reduce billing errors too. Here’s how it works.

How to Customise Names and Bill Rates in Time Tracker + Billing

Remember what you like to call things, so those labels show up in drop-down lists and throughout the system? Here’s some more Time Tracker + Billing customization tips.

3 Must-Try Shortcuts Save You Time

There’s always a long way to do things, but we’re really fond of doing things the short way. As you get to know the Time Tracker system, buddy up with these three features to save time, every time (just think, more available hours to bill!)

How to Get Paid in 90 Seconds!

Time Tracker + Billing does some serious heavy lifting – project management, client tracking, scheduling, billing, invoicing, and accounting – all in one place. But our main goal is to get you paid quickly for every minute you work, from wherever you work. Here’s how to get paid in 90 seconds.

Time Tracker saves you the hassle of having to enter hours in one place, create an invoice somewhere else, and mail from a third place.