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Legal Time Tracking Software Boosts Profits

Posted on: September 10, 2014


Lost time = Lost money.

It’s as simple as that.

Using software to keep on top of time tracking is an efficient way to get the most value for your time. At the most basic level, time tracking software allows you to maintain timesheets for each person in your firm.

But using time tracking software also motivates you and your employees to use time wisely, meet deadlines and get things done on time and on budget.

Microsoft Excel has a timecard template for time tracking and reporting, but when you want to better understand how your employees are using their time and which clients are earning you the most money–which you do– it’s smart to invest in dedicated time tracking software.

Whether you choose desktop software, or opt for the flexibility and convenience of cloud-based software and apps­ (or both), time tracking software helps you:





 Legal Time Tracking Software

Accurate time tracking is essential for law firms large and small, yet recording the value and effort that goes into every 6 minute increment of the workday is tedious and time consuming.

Legal time tracking software gives lawyers insights about time spent to maximise billable and minimise non-billable hours.

Legal billing software also features added functionality that makes the life of a lawyer a little less hectic. Legal time tracking software features:

So what’s the best legal billing software for your firm? Here’s four simple yet robust solutions that feature all the functionality that modern law firms need.


1. Rocket Matter: $65 / month

Integrate calendars, billing, timekeeping, and document management with this cloud-based law firm practice management software.

2. Time Tracker by eBillity  $29.95 / month

Track time from anywhere, approve timesheets, and sync to QuickBooks for billing and payroll. Enter data once and use it in every way possible, with convenient features designed especially for law firms.

3. Clio: $49.95 / month

For small to mid-sized law firms, streamline time tracking and billing, manage calendars, and collaborate with clients with this cloud-based software.

4. MyCase: $39 / month

Web-based legal practice management software for case management, time tracking, billing, client communication, and more.

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