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Intuit Full Service Payroll Promotion

Posted on: June 21, 2014

Intuit is offering Time Tracker customers a very special deal on their amazing Full Service Payroll product (expires June 27th, 2014). 

When you become the boss, you don’t look forward to payday any more.

If you manage a large team and run an office, you’ll know what I mean.

Payroll is always just one more thing to get done. I end up working late calculating state and federal taxes, filling out payroll tax forms, and making my payments. It’s one more admin task on top of my regular work.

Intuit is making this easier. 

At my office (eBillity’s headquarters), we recently switched to Intuit’s Full Service Payroll.

So much better! It really is a good product and makes processing payroll and paying state and federal taxes so much easier.

One of the things I like is that with Full Service Payroll is that it really takes care of everything. It calculates state and federal taxes for paychecks and even pays your state and federal taxes automatically when they’re due.

A huge time-saver for me is that files your payroll tax forms. It does all the paperwork for you and automatically sends your forms in. All your records are online too–so you can easily pull them up.

You also get free direct deposit & year-end W-2s, which is important to me as I have a large team to pay.

You get 50% off for being a Time Tracker customer 

If you sign-up for Intuit Full Service Payroll via Time Tracker, they’ll give you 50% off your first 6 months. That’s $49 per month (regular price is $99) for 6 months. You get the first month free as well.

For me, it’s worth the money and saves me hours every month.

How to claim this deal 

To get this deal, a Time Tracker Concierge has to sign you up. This is a special promotion Intuit is running through their partners, so we need to enter a special ID for you to get the 50% off price.

So just meet with a Time Tracker Concierge and we’ll walk you through everything. We can also answer any questions.

The deal from Intuit expires June 27th, 2014. 

The deal from Intuit expires June 27th, 2014. 

What I find useful about Full Service Payroll 

PLUS . . . Time Tracker + Full Service Payroll coming soon! 

We’re excited to announce that Time Tracker is going to integrate with Full Service Payroll very soon.

You’re already tracking time with Time Tracker; your tracked hours will sync to Intuit full-service payroll later this year. No need to re-enter your time!

There will be no extra monthly charge to sync your payroll time.

So if Intuit’s Full Service Payroll sounds good to you, signing up now will save you some money.