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Work Smarter with These 10 Essential Software Tools for Plumbing Contractors

Posted on: April 8, 2014

As a plumbing contractor, you know how important it is to work smarter, not harder. Software can help you to do just that. Below are 10 essential software tools designed specifically to help plumbing contractors better manage their businesses.

1. Service Max – Service Max is a comprehensive program containing a number of tools covering everything from scheduling, contracts, and parts to social media, mobile field management, customer service and partner portals, and reporting. It also integrates with, making it extremely versatile for plumbing contractors and other service-based businesses. Service Max is available in the cloud or installed on-premise.

2. Service CEO – Designed specifically for service-oriented businesses such as plumbing contractors, pest control companies, and carpet cleaners, Service CEO is an all-in-one business management program. Service CEO contains modules for managing customers, jobs, the call center, employees, inventory, administrative tasks, and dispatch operations. Service CEO can be configured to best meet the unique needs of plumbing contractors including the language used throughout the software.

3. Viewpoint Plumbing Construction Software / Estimating for MEP – Viewpoint’s plumbing estimating software helps you quickly, accurately, and professionally estimate jobs. This tool is used throughout the bidding process to determine labour and material costs, analyse pricing, obtain job costs from suppliers, generate accurate estimates, and streamline purchasing. Viewpoint’s plumbing estimating software also includes industry pricing and labour as well as a comprehensive database for all types of plumbing projects.

4. RazorSync Mobile Field Service Software – RazorSync is an online tool with four major components: customer management, schedule management, field worker management, and invoice management. This is an affordable cloud-based tool that can scale up or down as needed. It is offered on a month-to-month, per user basis with no contracts. If you run a small business and aren’t quite ready for some of the more robust solutions, RazorSync’s low cost of entry and cloud-based features may be an excellent fit.

5. Quick Plumb – Blending AutoCAD with estimating software, QuickPlumb is the perfect tool for designing, presenting, and estimating complex plumbing projects. Not only can you design plumbing projects using 3D visual graphics, QuickPlumb helps you minimize waste with pipe cut lists. Once your design is complete, you can quickly generate a bill of materials and an estimate. Get the job and rest assured that your bid is accurate with Quick Plumb.

6. Get Jobber – Get Jobber is an affordable job scheduling tool for plumbing contractors and other mobile service providers. Like some of the other job management tools, Get Jobber includes several useful components such as quoting, routing, and invoicing. Where it shines, however, is in scheduling. Get Jobber includes a robust calendar with reminders, ensuring that you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and when. Numerous add-ons are available to extend Get Jobber’s functionality including customer reminders, ePayments, Web integration, and GPS tracking.

7. Elite Software Plumbing CAD – Complement existing AutoCAD software with Software Plumbing CAD from Elite Software. This tool contains a complete set of CAD plumbing details with standardised schedules, notes, and symbols. Adding Plumbing CAD to your library can save you hours of drawing time and set your bids apart from your competition.

8. HindSite Software – This paperless field service software is an elegant solution that contains several important feature sets: customer relationship management software, billing and management reports, scheduling and routing, and mobile field management tools.

9. Click4Time Online Appointment Booking System – This tool is a WordPress plugin that adds an online appointment booking system to your WordPress website. This tool can also be integrated with Twitter and Facebook or embedded into your marketing materials (in the form of QR codes). If you have a WordPress website and want to make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, Click4Time is an inexpensive tool that’s easy to use.

10. RouteZilla – RouteZilla is a real-time online scheduling tool that can integrate with your existing website, social media profiles, and email campaigns. Your technicians, customers, and prospects alike can instantly check your current routes and availability online. RouteZilla will keep your customers informed via email notifications. This tool helps you to plan more efficient routes as well as eliminates the need for multiple phone calls.

Work more efficiently, generate more accurate bids, and manage your plumbing contracting business with ease by using software designed specifically for the demands of plumbing and service businesses.

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