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Time Tracker and QuickBooks

We’ve helped customers sync over 670 million hours to QuickBooks


Sync your timesheets to QuickBooks

Save 10+ hours each month in manual invoicing and payroll entry

In a few clicks, you’ll sync your customers, jobs, projects, classes, service items, and employees from QuickBooks to Time Tracker. If you add a new customer or service item in QuickBooks, that data automatically appears in Time Tracker.

Your team can then enter their time from any location. Make an entry inside Microsoft Outlook or from your iPad. Or make offline time entries straight from your desktop. As your team works, they will be tracking time against your QuickBooks customers and service items and other entities that you have decided to sync (such as payroll items or classes).


Watch our video to see how Rocket Rollers Roller Coaster Design Co. uses Time Tracker and QuickBooks together.


Employees track. You approve.
Time syncs.

Admins approve time and expense entries before
they sync

Your employees will be able to track time from any location. They submit their time for approval. Once submitted, an admin (typically the boss or manager) gets to review these employee entries. The admin can edit entries, reject them, or ask an employee to resubmit. Once an admin “approves” the entries, they sync to QuickBooks for invoicing, reports, and payroll.

Time Tracker saves me a boatload of time because I don’t have to do the individual entries in QuickBooks in order to run payroll. It also provides a better sense of accuracy because employees can make entries real-time, as opposed to scrambling each Monday to remember what they did the previous week. – Noel from Austin TX.

How it looks in QuickBooks

Fast payroll, invoicing, and job-costing

Once you approve employee time entries, your team’s time automatically appears in QuickBooks. All of the fields populate correctly and you’ll never have to make another manual entry for invoicing or payroll. It’s fast and easy to create invoices in QuickBooks.


You can process payroll in a few minutes and will never have to
manually enter time.


And you can track time for classes.



Do even more with your time

Classes, 1099 vendors, and reports

Best of all, you’ll get an accurate understanding of your team’s time and productivity. Class tracking in QuickBooks is simple. You can easily conduct job costing. And you’ll see a weekly report of your team’s time, showing you the employees and customers making you the most money.

Approve employee timesheets with Time Tracker by eBillity

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