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Time Tracker is compatible with

  • Web

  • Desktop

  • Outlook

  • iPhone/iPad

  • Android

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Essential features in every plan

Track time from anywhere, approve timesheets, and run helpful productivity reports


Time tracking & billing from anywhere

Time billing software with mobile apps

  • From your smartphone
    Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Simple entry on the go.

  • Right from your desktop
    Start the built-in timer and start tracking. You can also enter your time in batches at the end of the day or week.

  • Enter time inside Outlook
    Time Tracker works with Outlook. Book a client meeting in Outlook and then convert that meeting into a time entry with one click.

  • Work offline
    Time Tracker works offline too. Your time entry will automatically sync to your central account once you reconnect to the internet.

Simple timesheet approval

Time Tracker was built for teams. Your employees or vendors enter time from any device or location.
Then you (the boss or bookkeeper) approve employee entries for billing or payroll.

They track, you approve

Time Tracker’s dashboard makes approving employee time entries simple. All of your employees’ entries appear in one place and you can make quick changes before approving for billing or payroll.


Easily manage your team

Time Tracker makes security and privacy a top priority. Only users with valid permissions can access confidential company information.

  1. Gentle reminders and team messages
    Keep your team on track with email time entry reminders, task assignments, internal messaging and more.

  2. Set roles for different employees
    Build teams for different clients, make your bookkeeper or manager an admin, and control which clients your vendors and contractors
    can see.

  3. Monitor employee time activity
    Keep track of how many hours employees
    spend on different clients and get a quick snapshot of all pending, submitted, and approved time entries.

  4. Accessible in English and Spanish
    Do you have Spanish speakers on your team? Muy bien. Time Tracker is now available in both English and Spanish.

Online time billing software - web interface

Detailed productivity reports

Our reports help you understand your team’s productivity. You can also view billable versus
non-billable hours. Reports are easy to create, share, and send.

See what’s working

We’ve made it easy for you to track how much time you’ve logged for each customer, and what customers are making you the most money.


  • Discover your most
    productive employees

    Time Tracker instantly shows you which employees have logged time. You can view by billable and non-billable entries and quickly sort by week or month.

  • Track time spent on each customer
    Want to know where your team’s time goes? In your customer entry reports, you’ll quickly see the customers making
    —or costing you—the most money.

  • Increase time entry compliance
    Send automatic time entry reminders. You can choose to send them to your entire team, vendors, or to just one employee.

Time billing software reports

Billing (Optional)

Add +Billing to get paid faster

Time Tracker + Billing keeps all of your invoices and client payments in one place. It’s a complete time billing suite, accessible anywhere.

Online time billing, expensing and invoicing

Simple billing solution

It takes just 4 clicks from start to finish to create a professional and customisable online invoice. You’ll also get paid instantly with Stripe and credit card links right inside your online invoices. You can also sync any payments, adjustments, or invoices to QuickBooks or Xero (if enabled).

  • 4-click online invoices
    It takes 4 clicks from start to finish to
    create a branded customisable invoice. Invoices can be synced to QuickBooks or Xero (if enabled).

  • Get paid online
    Connect your Stripe account and add credit card payment links directly to your invoices. Payments made in Time Tracker reflect in QuickBooks or Xero (if enabled).

  • Build trust with your own client portal
    Clients can log in to your branded client portal. There they can view outstanding invoices, pay bills online, and pay
    monthly retainers.

  • Need to edit an invoice?
    Just click any line entry in an invoice, make an edit, and it automatically saves. You can email or review invoices from any device including your iPad and smartphone.

Legal (Optional)

Add +Legal for attorney friendly features

Time Tracker +Legal was designed with lawyers in mind.

Add legal features

Time Tracker is used by thousands of law firms to accurately
track and bill time. Turn on legal features and get instant access to pre-loaded custom billing codes, LEDES invoice formatting, conflict checker and more.

  • Custom billing codes
    Create custom billing codes specific to your firm, or use our pre-loaded billing codes for common tasks like litigation and research.

  • LEDES invoicing
    Export invoices in LEDES 1998B format with one simple click.

  • Trust accounting
    Maintain accurate trust accounts for your clients.
    You can even invite your clients to login and view balances for each trust.

  • Conflict Checker
    Time Tracker helps you avoid conflicts. Quickly
    search your client list, billing items and time
    entries to identify potential conflict scenarios.

  • LSS and Realisation Reports
    Monitor your legal team’s productivity. Quickly generate LSS and Realisation Reports with this newly added feature.

Bill for time online
Time tracker syncs with QuickBooks
Xero Sync (Optional)

Add Xero Sync

Connect Time Tracker to Xero to streamline your invoices. Or, connect to Xero Payroll, to expedite your payroll.

Watch how Rocket Rollers uses
Time Tracker and Xero together.

Time Tracker by eBillity.

  • Connect Time Tracker to Xero
    Connect your Time Tracker and Xero accounts in minutes. Then, sync your Xero contacts, inventory items and expense categories to Time Tracker.

  • Sync invoices to Xero
    Convert time and expense entries into branded invoices, then sync your finalised invoices to Xero.
    No more duplicate entries.

  • Connect Time Tracker to Xero Payroll
    Connect your Time Tracker account to Xero Payroll. Then, sync employee time sheets in just a few clicks.

  • Capture billable hours from anywhere
    Use Time Tracker’s free mobile apps, desktop widget and Outlook Add-in to capture time from wherever you work.

See all features of our Xero add-on

QuickBooks Sync (Optional)

Add QuickBooks Sync

Connect Time Tracker to your QuickBooks account to simplify your billing & payroll.

Your time and billing together

Time Tracker makes QuickBooks billing incredibly fast and efficient. Your employees can instantly enter time in Time Tracker for your QuickBooks customers and any approved entries automatically appear in QuickBooks for faster billing and payroll.


Employees submit time,
you approve for QuickBooks

Time Tracker’s admin dashboard makes it easy
for an admin (usually the boss or bookkeeper) to review and approve entries submitted by employees. Any time entries approved by the admin auto-sync
to QuickBooks.

  • Instant QuickBooks & Time Tracker sync
    If you create a new customer in QuickBooks, your team will instantly be able to enter time for that new customer directly in Time Tracker.

  • Payroll and classes too
    Works with payroll, classes, and QuickBooks timesheets. Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

  • Over 670 million hours synced
    Time Tracker is one of Intuit’s most popular time tracking apps. Since 2012, our customers synced over 670 million hours into QuickBooks.

  • Simple to set-up
    It’s simple to connect Time Tracker to QuickBooks. There’s no software to install and the entire sync only takes a few minutes.

Time Tracker by eBillity.
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MYOB Sync (Optional)

Add MYOB Sync

Eliminate duplicate entries by syncing your time to MYOB.

With Time Tracker, you can track time from anywhere, approve employee time sheets, and sync to MYOB for billing and payroll.

Time Tracker by eBillity.

  • Easily Connect to MYOB
    Time Tracker syncs seamlessly with MYOB. Your employees track time in Time Tracker and submit them for your approval. Once approved, time entries can be synced to MYOB in just a few clicks.

  • Create Invoices
    You’ll spend less time hunting down employee time sheets and you’ll be able to quickly create invoices and payroll in MYOB. It’s simple to set up and easy to use.

  • Save Time
    No need to re-enter your data into MYOB. Sync employee time sheets, and invoices, to MYOB in just a few clicks.

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Reckon Integration (Optional)

Add Reckon Sync

Connect Time Tracker with Reckon Accounts, say goodbye to payroll headaches for good.

As functional as it is beautiful, Reckon is modern accounting software that fits the needs of every business. When these two meet, it’s nothing but good times.


  • Syncing is easier than 1-2-3
    Sync your Time Tracker and Reckon Accounts in just a few steps. It really is that easy—promise.

  • Custom reports and invoices
    Make a wide variety of customised reports and create invoices with just a few clicks.

  • Track (and save) Time
    Keep track of all your bilable hours with Time Tracker, making client invoicing short and sweet.

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Concur Integration (Optional)

Add Concur Sync

Do you log your expenses with Concur? We can work with that.

Time Tracker loves to cooperate. When you sync with Concur, your tracked expenses are easily added to your accounts for streamlined invoicing. Nothing slips through the cracks when you’ve got these two programs in your corner.
Time Tracker by eBillity.

  • Connect
    Connect your Concur account to Time Tracker.

  • Create Invoices
    Generate customer invoices from Concur expenses and time entries.

  • Time and Expenses Together
    Track time alongside expenses inside of Concur.
    (Premium accounts only).

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Time Tracker ♡ IFTTT

Connect Time Tracker with IFTTT, take productivity to a whole new level.

If This Then That is an efficiency ecosystem that lets you connect everything in your life. Use it with Time Tracker to automate your timekeeping with applets:

  • Location
    Start a timer when you get to work.


  • Notification
    Send an email or SMS to a client to let them know you’ve begun working.

  • Do Button
    Start or stop a timer from your smart watch.

Learn more about how IFTTT and Time Tracker can automate your time tracking

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